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New Single: "come home (it's xmas)" by Sadie Hart

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: December 20, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Holley Go Lately

Just in time for the holiday season is a single of reflection from Sadie Hart. "come home (it's xmas)" focuses on the difficulties of going through the holiday season without a loved one. This song trails away from the traditional, happy, Christmas tune by addressing a situation that many face once the holidays come around.

While this single is directed for Christmas the message and sentiment can be applied to any time of the year. Pausing to remember those who are not with us using the comfort of song can make all the difference. Hug loved ones a little tighter and enjoy their company this holiday season. That is the message Sadie is sending and may it be received to those who need to hear it most.


Sadie Hart is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.


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