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New Single: "Artistry" by Jacob Lee

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: August 2, 2019

Single Cover Artwork by: MAAHY

Jacob Lee has done it once again with the release of his new single "Artistry." One of the third releases in a series, this single is powerful, emotional and impactful. Lee showcases his writing abilities by creating verses that will resonate with listeners and stick with them long after the song has ended.

"Artistry" tells the story of the importance of supporting the dreams and talents of others in life. Allowing them to grow as an individual while still being by their side. Lee is known for creating emotionally invoking music that connects with listeners on a personal level. This ability of connection is outlined in how the music grows and falls in intensity.

Starting softly with vocals and instrumentals is a gentle introduction to the story about to be told. As the story and message become more apparent so will the vocals and instrumentals. This intensity brings a sense of empowerment and desire to hear what is being said. All ending on the calm sound that was established at the beginning allowing for a moment of reflection. Or just rapidly hitting the repeat button! Whichever comes first.

"Artistry" is a listening experience designed with a purpose to leave an impact. Make sure to check out "Zen" and "Conscience" the two other singles released in this series.


Jacob Lee is a fully independent singer-songwriter from Australia and owner of Philosophical Records.


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