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New Single: "23" by Shaefri

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: May 20, 2020

Cover Artwork by: The Color Study

Adulthood is a never-ending journey of obstacles that seem to be shifting with every generation. "23" the new single from London - based artist, Shaefri, highlights the challenges that young adults are facing today yet reassures that all will come together in time. A comfort is found through her soothing vocals and intricate rhythms.

Listeners are welcomed by Middle Eastern inspired instrumentals before being met with entrancing vocals. This track grows beautifully from verses to chorus. Vocals in the chorus seem to circle back to the instrumentals presented at the beginning of this track which is a great way to bring everything full circle.

One thing I really enjoyed about this track is how every element came together to help express the message being shared. How no matter how hard life gets there will be a pay off.

"23" will have listeners swaying along as encouragement comes in the form of Shaefri's voice. Overall, this track introduces a new take in the pop music world. Shaefri is a artist that people should follow closely. Give "23" a listen today on all music streaming platforms and follow Shaefri on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Shaefri is a pop artist from London, England.


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