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New EP: "Waiting." by Davey Crockett's Ghost

Motivational Muses Review | by Manny Madera

Released on: May 1, 2020

Davey Crockett’s Ghost, the solo indie pop project of artist Jake Harris, confides on a Killers-esque, almost barren dreamscape to project dreamy vocals in a ceaseless cave of lovelorn sorrow. With a trademark sound and sonic lyricism, Waiting. is an adventurous trek into the deserts of pain, loss, and longing.

The title track “Waiting” paves a road with gentle echoes of a forgotten past. The track becomes an indulgent form of sincerity as it travels across a neon soundscape, unafraid of a loud expression that is supervised by a haunting background pulse, in tune with that of a heartbeat.

Perhaps the most deserving track in the EP, “When You Break” showers beneath the starry desolation of synths and wistful writing. “When You Break” becomes a sort of zeitgeist of undying love from a different era of expectation and lust. Harris proves to be an astute lyricist that composes for the sake of expression and not concept.

The transition to “DYWBM?” showcases the exemplary growth in a single EP, with a brusque focus on the electric sound of a hard rock track and an unforgettable riff that carries itself into a realm of loud desire. Disillusionment has no place in the ambitious, earnest recording, leaning towards a never ending question of want or rejection.

Meanwhile, the final track in the EP, “Monster,” follows like a continuation to the previous track, yet the second shortest track is a powerhouse of maturity and rock. In a quest for self-discovery and liberation, Harris reflects as would a storyteller, whose focus on sentimental beauty and spell-casting femme fatales paints a desert with unknown colors and leaves space for more and much more.

Davey Crockett’s Ghost’s Waiting. strays away from being a traditional heartland rock, Springsteen copycat and dives into deep waters of solid persuasion and stimulating promise in a four-track epic. It is the genuine enthusiasm from the one-man band that is not afraid of being the voice of a generation who will lead the chariots of sound and become a sensational artist and charismatic voice.

Give Waiting. a listen today and make sure to keep tabs on all things new with Davey Crockett's Ghost by following them on all their social media.


Davey Crockett's Ghost is the solo project of indie pop artist Jake Harris.


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