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New EP: "Undertones" by Rainier.

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: April 10, 2020

Nothing is more soothing to the soul than a new EP from our friends in Rainer. Undertones holds five beautifully composed tracks that are works of art. This EP is the perfect combination of serenity and intensity.

"Undertones" opens with a transitional introduction from a soothing acoustic guitar picking sequence into an amazing upbeat array of pop elements. This track is incredibly dynamic in the composition and is enhanced by the power given through the vocals. One aspect that I love about this track is how fluid it is. Everything flows together in a perfect manner which provides an almost effortless listening journey.

Next is "Heavy Rain" which starts in a similar fashion as "Undertones". This track is focused on making the vocals a central point. Instrumentals add dynamic where needed and are toned down to allow the vocals to have their moment. Achieving a balance without loosing intensity is not a simple feat and this track executes this flawlessly.

"Under the Weather" is a happy sounding sad song and it is incredible. With minimal instrumentation this track utilities layering and a simple beat to create necessary dynamics. The echoing of vocals create a level of interest and allow the track to grow. Sometimes less is more and that is present with how this track is composed. Keeping it simple allows for the emotion to be amplified creating the perfect climate.

Everyone needs a moment to just pause and reflect on what is occurring around them. "Ghosts" is the moment of pause in this EP. With intentionally long instrumental breaks the listener can take time to reflect on what they just heard and allow themselves to be further immersed in the track. "Ghosts" is emotionally powerful and showcases all the talent that Rainer. holds.

Lastly is "For a Moment" and this track is such a wonderful conclusion for this EP. Simplicity and harmony come together leaving a feeling of serenity with the listener. This powerful duet is a statement that hangs in the air. For a sweet touch the ending is a continuation of the recording process. Where we can hear them setting the guitar down and heading out their next journey.

Undertones is powerful and impactful. Rainier. are truly a dynamic duo that can achieve anything and are not afraid to be bold. Their intensity and composition prove that sometimes less is more. Make sure to follow Rainer. on all social media to stay updated on everything they are creating.


Rainer. are an acoustic-duo from Denton, Texas.


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