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New EP: "Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home" by Lucky Iris

Motivational Muses Review | by Manny Madera

Released on: April 25, 2020

Lucky Iris have proved to be a force to be reckoned with following the release of their debut EP, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home. Undeniable zest and charming vocals, melancholy and harmony blend together nearly without effort between the four aptly titled tracks.

The introductory track “Get Ready with Me” melodically runs the show as it prepares to prosper and enthrall its audience with interpretive lyrics and dolce catchiness. The track’s cinematic ambience carries the vocals throughout an atmospheric sensuality, unafraid of retaining a dreamy-discotheque vibe along its runtime.

However, with “Take 5 (Why Can’t You See Me?)", we observe a more sensitive and paralyzing side to the duo. Filled with a jazzy romanticism and a vintage instrumentation, “Take 5” battles the previous track with its lyrically entrancing vocals and powerful instrumentals that dances precisely with the range of the vocalist.

“Glitter Vision” does not shy away from being another stellar track with a peppy rhythm. Unlike “Get Ready with Me,” “Glitter Vision” seduces audiences by building upon itself and exploring its own limitations of sound, shifting from a relentless beat at the beginning to an electric purring towards the end of the track.

Ultimately, the dissolving track, “I Fell Backwards,” further pushes the professional progression of the EP with haunting vocals that echo across every region of the room. Nailing every heartbreaking note with despondent sentiment. The track proves that oftentimes the best writing comes from moments of heartache and vulnerability. Perhaps the most accurate in terms of relation to the title of the extended play record, “I Fell Backwards” concludes the midnight-cruising journey with a memorable message of loneliness in a world of heartbreak and woe.

Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home might run away from a specific sound in each track; however, it distinguishes itself from other artists by being cinematic and intellectual all while conserving focus on fantastical rhythm and musical sensibility. Lucky Iris is worthy of being followed on their journey to eventual success, as proven by their delectable sound. Make sure to follow Lucky Iris on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Lucky Iris are an alternative pop duo from Leeds, England.


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