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New EP: "Spare Parts" by Unknown Toxin

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: May 1, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Faith Alesia

Punk is alive and well. Unknown Toxin combine the punk sound of the 90s with a touch of modern spice in their new EP Spare Parts. This absolute banger of an EP features six tracks that are high energy and will appeal to punk lovers everywhere.

"Incomplete" starts with a little story time before diving into a whirlwind of guitar and drums. Energy is present in every element of this track. Vocals are fast paced and combine perfectly into the base created by the instrumentation. One aspect I really like about this track is the bridge and faux ending. These moments create a dynamic level of interest to the track. "Incomplete" does a wonderful job of kicking off the EP and giving a sneak peak of what listeners can anticipate for the remainder.

The momentum continues with "Counting Posters" which has a softer entrance but quickly reintroduces the energy through instrumentation. This track sides closer to the pop punk sound that is characteristic of this group. A tempo change into the ending allows for an impactful transition to the next track.

"Ham N Cheese" is not only a fantastic track name, but is another well composed track in this EP. Background vocals come through to add another layer of dimension. This track is almost reminiscent of the early 2000s which is a great nostalgic vibe that is continued throughout the EP.

A stylistic shift is introduced in "Zoe and I". Unlike other tracks, this one starts slow the beginning. But as the verses grow the tempo and dynamics become heavier before going right back into the high energy. There is a nice emotional connection with this track that is reflected in the vocals. One aspect of this track that really stood out to me was the composition of the guitars and drums at the ending. This created an intense ending without the need for vocals. Very well done.

Next up is "Pep Talk Suicide", and focuses on how sometimes life is tough. Before diving into the action a shoutout is given to Sick Tight Records, who helped record the album. While the subject matter of the song is heavy, the instrumentals are upbeat. There is a level of intensity presented with the vocals, especially right at the end which gives a final punch to this track.

Last but certainly never least is "Sunshine and Rainbows." This track transitions from a fast paced introduction to a mellow chorus before going back into an energy-filled bridge. The message has to do with not everything in life is going to be easy or happy. One thing they did really well with this track was the ending. By isolating the vocals the message seems to linger in the air and makes the temptation to press the repeat button almost a no brainer.

Spare Parts is high energy and pays homage to the power of punk but does it with a modern take. Listen to this EP on Bandcamp and follow Unknown Toxin on all social media to stay updated on when Spare Parts will be coming to all other music streaming services.


Unknown Toxin are a pop punk band from Dallas, Texas.


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