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New EP: "Safer Space" by Forever Emerald

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: July 19, 2019

Cover Artwork by: James Montes De Oca

The highly anticipated debut EP release of Safer Space from Forever Emerald introduces a twist in style from the upbeat sound presented from their single, "Candy", but this is far from a negative. Safer Space is a five track EP which showcases a variety of musical themes to display the versatility of styles that this group can achieve.

"So Sure," the second track off this EP, highlights a shift from upbeat instrumentals to a more intense and rock centered sound. Starting a theme of alternating between styles which is great to keep the listener engaged by wondering what style will be presented in the next track. "Safer Space," is a bit of a back pedal style wise, but is perfectly placed within the track list, acting as a hard divide between the sound that Forever Emerald has shown before to something quite new and slightly unexpected.

The last two tracks, "Blame Game" and "Arts & Crafts" are much darker and heavier, but do not take away from the value of this EP as a whole. Instead it ends the EP on a note to show what Forever Emerald could produce in the future. Usually EP's have a set style and sound and having this dramatic change at the end is really unique and helps set Forever Emerald apart.

Safer Space is a dynamic presentation of who Forever Emerald are and what they are willing and able to create. Asking the question: What surprises so they have in store and what can we as an audience expect from this young band? Only time will tell.


Forever Emerald is a Pop Punk band out of Los Angeles, California.


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