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New EP: "Resilience" by Halflives

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: March 13, 2020

Halflives have entered the pop genre chat with their EP Resilience. Stepping back from their traditional rock sound, Resilience shows the versatility of this group. Each of the five tracks featured showcase experimentation of the genre while holding true to key aspects of Halflives.

Starting off with "Rockstar Everyday," this track hints to having the classic rock sound that Halflives is known for but quickly shifts to a pop beat. There are a number of dynamic layers that add dimension and interest. Verses are more clean in terms of intrumental elements which allow the vocals to standout. Once the chorus hits a number of pop elements are added but do not overpower the vocals. This is a wonderful balance and a strong start for the EP.

A sense of eeriness is introduced in the next track "Snake." Which is quite fitting for the subject matter for this track. One thing that I love about this track is the intro! The composition is done in such a way that it introduces tension then completely shifts once the vocals are introduced. Another nice detail is the beat mimics that of a heartbeat, further adding suspense and intensity. "Snake" is a true standout in how these elements are all combined in a way to ensure a level of suspense, which makes it a personal favorite.

Nothing is better than creating music with friends and that is what was achieved with "Time Bomb." This intense track features vocals with Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens. One common theme with Halflives is the intensity that is found in the vocals that Linda Battilani can produce. "Time Bomb" is brilliant because it brings two vocal powerhouses giving Resilience an impactful climax.

"Hard to Break" brings an empowering message. The strategic placement of this track leaves the listener inspired to continue when things get hard. Encompassing the entire meaning of resilience. This track is a wonderful anthem and perfectly concludes the EP.

Resilience is the start of a new era for Halflives. Highlighting that change is something to embrace. Make sure to follow them on all social media to stay up to date on all they continue to create. Also, catch them on their upcoming Resilience European tour, dates can be found on their social media platforms!


Halflives are a pop rock band from Paris, France.



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