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New EP: "Pure Forever" by Suntitle

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: April 24, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Victoria Cecé.

Pure Forever from Suntitle is a short but dynamic four track EP that is an example of musical exploration. Every track dives deep into a specific style that will have listeners tuned in until the very end.

Starting off with "Big Jawn", powerful is the best way to describe this track. Heavy instrumentals construct the foundation for a high energy track that will have anyone rocking out. A softness is introduced allowing the vocals to shine and grow. The dynamic between vocals and instrumentals help power the message of not slowing down. A faux ending gives this track on final punch before an abrupt ending.

"Squirrel Hill" has an intensity that shifts into a softness that reflects the emotions that are being expressed. This track is heavy and is a standout for this EP. Tempo changes and dynamic shifts take the listener on a journey. One aspect that makes this song a personal favorite is the attention to every beat placement. Each of those moments are impactful and show how the smallest details can bring everything together.

At times being short and to the point makes the greatest statement. "Pure Forever" put this theory into practice. Even with being the shortest track on this EP, there are still a multitude of elements that will have the listener wanting to have this track on repeat.

Lastly is "Milligram" and this track is a wonderful conclusion to an EP that is filled with a variety of elements. Instead of ending on a mellow note, Suntile signs off with a high energy track that brings together every aspect explored in the tracks before.

Pure Forever is short and sweet but leaves a lasting impact. For alternative lovers, this EP is the perfect addition to any playlist. Make sure to follow Suntitle on all of their social media accounts to stay updated on everything they are creating!


Suntitle are an alternative emo band from New Jersey.


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