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New EP: "Petals" by Phavors

Motivational Muses Review | by Manny Madera

Released on: May 28, 2020

Phavors, the dream-pop duo from New Jersey, are undoubtedly triumphant in creating a filmic dreamland in their debut EP Petals, conversing with the likes of hopeless romantics and fantasists. Philip Marflak and Kayla DeRosa are reflective psychopomps. The duo invites their audience to thresholds of warm colors and perpetual yearning only to sprout a fantastic storybook that glimmers with individuality and hope.

The title track “Petals” is nothing short of surprising, crafted with the genius of Marflak’s lyricism and masterful mixing yet elevated by DeRosa’s breathtaking vocals. The strength of the track is its slow ascension from the floating rivers of acoustic ballads to the realms of ethereal atmospheres, evident by the gently crashing cymbals.

However, “Waste Time” feels nothing of a continuation from the previous track, but a special and resonant voice from another world. Introducing the track with an immediate sweetness is Marflak, showcasing what is to be expected from the remainder of the highlight of the EP, soon delving into the gorgeousness of DeRosa’s once-in-a-lifetime voice. Yet the mastery of this track does not end at the four-minute mark, due to the unfolding “Water Is Still” that serves almost as an epilogue of sorts for “Waste Time.” Infused with a tangible stroke of electric guitar and a Slowdive-esque exquisiteness, the audience is allowed to dream higher into the atmosphere where there are no limitations.

“Home” is the starry-eyed wanderer, excelling by channeling the reliable and growing energy that has defined what Phavors is. Effervescent, hypnotic, and courageous, the audience finally submerges back to a hypnopompic reality, which could be interpreted as melancholic but should be viewed as powerful and true to itself. The beauty of the final chapter in Phavors’ book is its ability to contain itself and become a lullaby of its own without having to rely on the power of what has been heard previously. If “Petals” is the otherworldly sunrise, “Home” is the unexpected and virtuous nightfall.

Petals  is, evidently, transcendent and where it heads from this point forward is an unknown, unanswered question. Phavors distinguishes itself from the mainstream, imploding the masses with true artistry and crestfallen memories of past and future times. Beauty, as proven by the dreaming duo, comes in the form of togetherness and, very obviously, dreams.

Give Petals a listen today and make sure to follow Phavors on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Phavors are a dream-pop duo from New Jersey.


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