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New EP: "Now I'm Ready To Start" by SinClaire

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: June 28, 2019

Make preparations to be completely blown away by this debut EP from SinClaire. "Now I'm Ready To Start" is a masterpiece of combining a variety of styles all brought to equilibrium by a single factor. While every element in this EP is vital the element that stands out the most is the vocals. A depth of range is introduced by the vocals creating a darker sound. This acts as a contrast to the instrumentals. Allowing the listener to distinguish the separate elements and create a dynamic experience. Making a clear division between vocals and instrumentals is difficult and SinClaire executed this element flawlessly. Every song introduces a new idea but collectively make this EP a masterpiece. SinClaire has an unexpected, shocking, new sound that many will come to love.


SinClaire is an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia with a sound that sets them apart from the crowd.


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