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New EP: "No Reaction" by Plaid Dracula

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: November 14, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Rachel Thalia | Rebecca Gelernter

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh BOY! Do I love a good EP release! Alright, that is enough of my excitement. Let's dive into this review.

No Reaction is a 4-track EP by our wonderful friends in Plaid Dracula that focuses on having emotions! Wild, I know. More specifically, having emotions as they pertain to changes within personal relationships. Sadness, anger, confusion and being afraid are all showcased in their own unique way.

Through instrumentation the intensity that can encase anger is present consistently and at times reaches a point of overwhelming confusion.

"Weird Machine" may be the shortest track on this EP, but it packs a punch by utilizing this instrumentation to amplify the emotional value. Also, it's just a nice rock out track and I think it is safe to say everyone can appreciate a nice head-banging moment in life. Part of what makes this track so impactful is the transition from "Mean" which has such a high energy ending that provides the momentum needed for "Weird Machine" to become the climax bringing all the emotions together.

Sadness is not achieved through how the tracks sound, but how they make the listener feel. "No Reaction" has upbeat instrumentals but the content of the story being told is really heart-wrenching and can be relatable to many. "Swan Dive" concludes the EP by switching it up with a quieter beginning, not in the sense of volume, but of intensity. There is a moment of calm, almost to breathe, before diving back into the reality at hand. Just pretty freaking wonderful.

Overall, No Reaction got a compelling reaction out of me. Make sure to give this EP a listen and find the track that insights a reaction, then share with the world! Also, follow Plaid Dracula on all social media and streaming services, they would appreciate it greatly!


Plaid Dracula is a self-proclaimed pop-rock band from Brooklyn, New York.


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