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New EP: "Introduction" by Green Cheek Beak

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: September 25, 2020

Green Cheek Beak are sharing their psychedelic sounds with the debut EP Introduction. Not only is the name clever, 16-year-old Ayden Muller is the mastermind behind the three track creation. Recorded in the comfort of his bedroom, Introduction covers harsh realities through a smooth and groovy sonic landscape.

"No Sense" is a reverb heavy track, but is brilliantly constructed. The vocals melt into the backing track, creating a smooth listening experience. Even though there are slight moments where it seems like the vocals are being overpowered, it just works.

"Waves" has a different dynamic. This track is smoother in the delivery allowing for the vocals to stand on their own. My favorite element of this track would be how the instrumentals flow. Every element constructs the sonic landscape that Muller is trying to achieve.

"Devotion + Delusion" stands out because of its soft nature. Unlike the previous tracks, there is a sense of calm achieved by the gentle guitar and dreamy vocals. This is the perfect track to unwind to after a long day. For its relaxing qualities, "Devotion + Delusion" is my favorite track from this EP.

Ayden Muller is a synthsational young artist who will bring Green Cheek Beak to new heights. He has made an impactful statement in theworld of psychedelic music. I believe everyone should keep a close eye on Green Cheek Beak because this is only the beginning.

Make sure to give Introduction a listen today on all streaming platforms. Also, follow Green Cheek Beak on all social media to stay updated on future projects.


Green Cheek Beak is the solo project of Ayden Muller from Denver, Colorado.


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