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New EP: "High Tide" by Sleep House

Motivational Muses Review | by: Manny Madera

Released on: August 18, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Robb Chambers

Like a lunchbox of summertime bliss and memories closely redolent of memorable road trips, Sleep House’s High Tide is a bold reminiscence of casual daydreaming and a statement of maturity and change. An emerging alt-pop act from the American Northeast, Sleep House rewrite their trajectory in full and offer a three-track ride that potentially leaves audiences thirsting for more.

At the helm, guitar-driven “Skydiving In Dubai” performs fantastically with a semi-dancey hook and tremulous feeling, without needing to burst apart for more meaning. The arrangement adds depth to the track as it carries forth a breezy, loquacious aura around it.

Slower-paced “Clementine” is a work of breezy artwork, like a deserted canvas in the middle of a playful nowhere. As it synchronizes well with the outside world, it hurdles around a world of deep sentiment and emphasized what could be their specific sound, their trademark: the wholesome, daring guitar that harmonizes perfectly with each individual instrument, including the vocalist’s voice.

The grand finale is periodic, almost a classic venture into a time of soapy, postmodern romance. Aptly titled, “You’re Still My Favorite Thing” is a caress of indefinite proportions, backed by a peachy chorus that undeniably levels it to a higher point with its surrounding sister tracks.

The grandiosity of this obscure alt-pop band does not suffer any losses with its sturdy and promising EP, instead they reinforce what plenty of music enthusiasts forget: there is more to music than the mainstream world. It could be said that this perfect grouping of four companions carries a bulletproof sound that should absolutely be found and listened to, even in times where audiences are unsure of what they want to have delivered to them.


Sleep House are an alternative pop band from New Jersey.


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