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New EP: "Bigger Than Me" by Meet Me @ The Altar

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: July 5, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Jon Huedare

Dialing up the intensity, Bigger Than Me from Meet Me @ The Altar, introduces heavier instrumentals and powerful vocals, creating a dynamic EP that may result in uncontrollable head banging. Starting a bit on the gentle side, "Beyond My Control" is the longest track on this EP and showcases a upbeat guitar track and smooth vocals. This track is similar to the upbeat pop punk sound they have created in earlier albums.

Continuing with sticking to their roots, "Tyranny", the shortest track, has the same upbeat guitars but there is a shift with heavier instrumentals being introduced. At this point in the EP, the sound completely shifts to the added intensity with "Sane." The instrumentals become heavier and the vocals become more intense to match. Bringing this EP to full circle is "Morris Farm Drive" which is a complete contrast from the gentle sound in the beginning. The upbeat sound becomes a dynamic, head banging jam. Bigger Than Me indicates a stylistic change resulting in four dynamic tracks that will have anyone rocking out.


Meet Me @ The Altar are a multi-state pop punk band who prove that distance can not prevent them from creating and preforming dynamic and energy packed music.


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