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New EP: "Bad Luck" by New Heroes

Motivational Muses Review | by: Christian Browne

Released on: November 5, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Leilani Phoenix

New Heroes, a punk rock band from Denton, TX shines brightly with their new EP Bad Luck. Through struggles and heartbreaking bad luck, we are able to push through and fight to overcome the trials and tribulations that life throws at us. This is the message that Ryan Sword, Spencer Trinidad, Juan Cano, and Angel Lozano tell through beautiful storytelling, aggressive guitar licks and refreshing twists and turns in this six song hypnotic classic.

“Moving Mountains” starts out with a quote from the legendary movie Rocky that me and every Philadelphian has watched since the day that we were born. It also perfectly scores the direction of the EP with clean, smooth guitar. This quickly turns into aggressive and passionate emotion showcased through dirty guitar playing driven by heart pounding drums. It's an unorthodox song that works insanely well.

“Bad Luck” is an ambitious track that manages to connect two uniquely different sounds and blend it into one. The beginning of the track feels like pure adrenaline, the likes that I haven’t seen since I was in a mosh pit last year. During the bridge, the songs take a pause and everything from the guitar to the drums becomes darker and mysterious. The track blends these two emotions and feeling that New Heroes pulls off and captures in a magical way.

“Tightrope” is a song that showcases the songwriting abilities of Ryan Sword. The structure of the song and vocals of Sword stands out throughout the song. My favorite part of this track is that the whole band gets involved during the chorus, singing together in harmony. Every one of the band members understands the thoughts and feelings that the song provokes in the minds of their listeners.

“Cold” will have every guitar lover playing this track on repeat. The track is extremely good and allows for the instrumentals to shine and build upon each other. This gives the EP a change of pace to help bridge the ending of the record.

“Waiting (Feat. Sterling Gavinski)” separates itself from the pack with its light and peaceful feeling. The vocals on the track expresses hopefulness and waiting for a better life and a better future. The light guitar along with the scratching of another guitar creates this dynamic that I love.

“Liquid Garbage” introduces an element that is not seen anywhere else in the album, an acoustic guitar. This helps to make this song feel special and heartfelt. The song itself is about being cheated on by a partner and moving on with life. Saying goodbye to the past, the track progresses to become more aggressive with the change from soft acoustic to electric guitar that expresses the self determination that Sword has going forward. The ending alternates between acoustic and electric guitar to create a captivating harmony. It’s my favorite element of the EP and perfectly ends such a fantastic track and record.

New Heroes is an exceptionally talented band. Bad Luck will have a major impact in the punk rock music scene. With many people feeling down and out throughout an insane year that has been 2020. Listening to this EP will give the audience new hope and energy to overcome any struggles and to persevere through adversity. As Rocky said, keep moving forward. This raw emotion is perfectly captured by New Heroes who are wise beyond their age.

Give Bad Luck a listen on all music streaming platforms. Make sure to follow New Heroes on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects!


New Heroes are a pop punk/alternative band from Denton, Texas.


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