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New Album: "Pocket Tunes" by Binary Drift

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: February 27, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Jorge Matheus

Pocket Tunes is an extensive 14-track album that flawlessly shifts from a multitude of genres to create an easy listening experience. Perfect for completing housework, a stressful essay or a nice soundtrack to have while taking a stroll around the town. Whatever the desire this album has a song for any situation.

One aspect that I love about this album is the multilingual songwriting. While a majority of the tracks within this album are fully in English, four songs: "Besos De Morfina", "Ordinario", "Madrid" and "Década", tie back to the Spanish roots of this singer-songwriter. It is such an amazing addition to connect both of these cultures within a single album.

Let's take a moment to focus on the third track on this album, "Drifting." One thing I love about this track is the countdown, just a fun touch before diving into the track. The vocals are incredibly powerful and have no issue standing out against the gentle beat underneath. Overall this is an easy listening song, which allows the listener to just sit back and take in the song in its entirety without having to think too hard about what is being said.

Overall, Pocket Tunes is a perfect balance of a variety of genres that mesh beautifully. Take the time to give this album a listen and find a personal favorite. Give Binary Drift a follow on all social media and streaming services to stay up to date on all that is being created.


Binary Drift is the solo project of Madrid singer-songwriter, Mauricio Yrivarren.


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