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New Album: "Monstrous Existence" by Marcelyn, the Band

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: September 25, 2020

Alternative rock meets Broadway in Monstrous Existence, the latest album from Marcelyn, the Band. The alternative-trio from Philadelphia did not come to play! Powered by the frustrations of quaratine, this 9-track album explores a variety of genre avenues that will leave listeners in pure awe.

Starting off strong with "Friday 13th," this track utilizes the vocal power of classically-trained singer, Marcelyn Lebonvitz. Layered harmonies create a soft heavenly ambiance. I think having a standout track to introduce an album speaks to the artistic range of this group.

The transition to "Empty Room" is a complete 180 from the previous track, in a good way of course! Power of synths introudces an intensity and dark side of this group. While the tempo is slow there is still a sense of momentumn through the usage of synths and steady beat. "Empty Rooms" will have anyone vibing!

Everyone needs a bit of encouragement from time to time, especially in these trying times. "Guilloteens" provides this gentle reminder in a musical-worthy arrangement. I definitely needed this enouragement and I know someone else will too.

Back to back tracks, "Set It on Fire" and " I Smell Like Experience" are two rock tracks that will have anyone feeling unstoppable. These high energy tracks continue the momentum through timeless classic rock vibes! "Set It on Fire" embraces the classic rock sound which i absolotely love! I am starting to think there isn't a genere that this grouop can't tackle.

No album would be complete without a heart wrenching track. Enter "Number A." I cried the entire time listening to this song, but that's besides the point. "Number A" is similar to "Friday 13th" with vocals taking center stage. Lebonvitz's rich vocals are intense, creating a deeply emotioanl track that will resonate with many.

"Quarantine Song" is a lighthearted ukele track that gives an upbeat approach to the woes presented from being confided at home due to lockdowns. The main theme being, "no one knows anything " and " no one goes anywhere, anymore." But trying to keep a positive outlook on a negative sitution.

Alright. Let's talk about "Sled Talk" because this track did that! Ever wanted to tell a guy off but didn't know how? Let "Sled Talk" do all the talking. The intesnity and blutness will have any guy backtracking in no time. So, let's all say 'thank you' to Maryclen, the Band for proving this confrentational track!

Lastly, "The Show is Over" perfectly concludes the musical experience of Monstrous Existence. This soft ballad is the curtain call for a dynamic work of art. Hopefully, an encore will ensue by hitting that replay button.

Monstrous Existence is a diverse musical experience that everyone should have in their go to playlists. Marcylen, the Band showcases their musical range and have easily become one of my favorite musical discoveries of this year!

Give this album a listen as soon as possible on any music streaming platform. Also, make sure to follow Marcylen, the Band on all social media to stay updated with all upcoming projects.


Marcelyn, the band are an alternative/indie trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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