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New Album: "Drew Davies" by Drew Davies

Motivational Muses Review | by Manny Madera

Released on: May 15, 2020

Cover Artwork by: George Elianos

Drew Davies presents his audience with a heavy and charismatic self-titled album, which carries a heavy sword and leads a mysterious journey across lands unknown. Drew Davies thunders proudly and like a bellow, blows rock and soul into ears of those worthy of keeping up with the soloist’s hard-hitting adventure of ups and downs.

“Man On The Run” sounds exactly as it implies: a wonderful or fallen opportunity of escape, covered in solemnity yet bickering with grandeur. The very fluent track glimmers with traces of David Bowie and soars high as the introductory track.

“Living The Dream” is a surreal dessert that knocks Dow’s doors. The outlandish track replicates the sounds of Mexican rock, almost reminiscent of bands like Chingon and artists like Carlos Santana, yet proceeding with an equal intensity from the previous track.

“Beautiful World” and “Lady Midnight” follows the energy kept by the previous tracks, nonetheless focused on the wailing guitars and muscular chords that by this point have defined Davies’ sound. Both sensual and seductive, the tracks go hand in hand in becoming true to the vision of the artist.

However, “Come On Within” breaks the mold, as the album seems to arrive at a climax with its fifth track. With a slower pace and a haunting message, “Come On Within” treads gallantly on a somber shadow that is quite delectable to listen to.  Yet with the following tracks in the album are strong with promise and with a strong driving force of sensuality, the harmonious soloist rides on a vocal wave unbeknownst to its audience, proving Davies’ genius as both a lyricist and vocalist.

Though it is “Who We Are” that distinguishes itself from what the album has built itself into. While each track becomes its own story, “Who We Are” singlehandedly becomes an anthem and a world of its own, lost in between the stories of personality and seductresses. “Who We Are” pleads for difference and creates an echoing sound of truth. The instrumentation becomes the foundation of the track. 

Davies fills the boots with individual stories that need to be told and to be memorized by the regular castaway. Layered with the beauty of the electric guitar and pounding vocals, Davies enchants the somewhat forgotten world of rock n’ roll and reviving it by flooring the pedal until reaching the ends of the world, which luckily for the audience, will be long, long until then.

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Drew Davies is an alternative rock soloist from London, England.


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