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New Album: "A Work of Art" by Lisabel

Motivational Muses Review | by Andrew Etheridge

Released on: May 5, 2020

From R&B to space age pop and jazz-funk, Lisabel’s 14-track debut album, A Work of Art, harbors a perfect storm of emotion and harmony; living up to the albums’ name. Pulling elements from the past and present, A Work of Art leads the expedition to the future of jazz music as the century develops. This album provides the perfect blend of comfort and clarity.

The opening track “Salamander Souls” sets the mood for the rest of the album. Using nature soundscapes and shortwave radio-like sound effects, Lisabel makes it known from the start that this isn’t going to be your typical smooth jazz album.

The production and instrumentation on A Work of Art showcases the perfect intersection of diversity and creativity. Listeners will be left intrigued and wanting to know what future tracks hold. For instance, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the incorporation of heavy jazz-funk elements in “A Little Bit of Jealousy” after the sweet and blissful acapella ending of “Blue.”

Her title track, “A Work of Art” along with “My Mister K” and “What Do You Need” display how to exquisitely blend instrumentals and vocals in an R&B atmosphere. Unlike the other two songs, title track “A Work of Art” uses elements of hip hop in the production which fit snuggly into the album.

The halfway point of the album “Stars Dance” is a bass-heavy track infusing element of funk, and flawlessly contrasting the following track. “If Not Me, Who?” is arranged with more of a slower dream pop feel while still retaining that smooth jazz/R&B feel of the album.

The closing track “Dear Moon” serves as the ultimate conclusion to the albums’ story and a beginning to Lisabel’s future. This is the track where I feel like we truly see Lisabel as an individual rather than an artist. “Dear Moon” really stands out as we can hear so much raw emotion from her voice and experience her remarkable story-telling abilities. Yet it’s the last track on the album, which leaves me excited to see what she has in store for us next.

A Work of Art takes listeners on an emotional journey through time and culture, exhibiting Lisabel’s extravagant vocal range and adaptation to different genres of music.

Give A Work of Art a listen today and make sure to follow Lisabel on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Lisabel is a contemporary jazz and soul artist from London, England.


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