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New EP: "Crossfade" by Foxtales

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: December 13, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Tucker Jameson

Crossfade, the debut EP from Psych-Pop band Foxtales, takes inspiration from the disco era of the 70s with psychedelic keys and uplifting beats. Transporting listeners to another time in history without leaving the comfort of their room. Full disclosure, this EP may result in an unexpected dance party. But is that really a bad thing in the grand scheme of things?

Starting off strong with "Gold," this track pulls heavily from the 70s by utilizing a keys heavy beginning. The vocals do not have to compete with the instrumentation, giving a really lovely balance and allowing for every aspect of this track to have a moment. My personal favorite thing about this track is the circle kicker ending. Fading out then returning to the original instrumentation from the beginning of the song. Allowing for an opportune moment to play this track on repeat until the end of time. Pretty iconic.

Happy sounding sad songs are quite the plot twist within the music world and is exactly the purpose of "Can't Escape." Unlike, "Gold", this track has a more indie-pop sound which works as a great transition and bridge between disco and modern day pop. Yet, one must not forget the trickery of this track. For those going through a break up and need to dance off their emotions, this track fits the bill.

Moving on to "Nostalgia", this track is the embodiment of a happy feel good song. Ever listen to a song and magically all of the world's issues seem to melt away? That is exactly the feeling achieved with "Nostalgia." Listen to this song and a Monday will feel like a Friday. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously, a great track that should be added to playlists immediately.

Last but certainly not least, is "Save Ya." Very similarly to, "Can't Escape" this track is yet another happy sounding sad song. Actually on a second thought, it might be a bit more empowering than sad. Regardless. This track is a great way to conclude this EP. The ending holds power in determining the listener to press that repeat button and immerse themselves into the journey all over again.

Overall, Crossfade is a wonderful EP that pays homage to the disco age while tying into today's modern pop. Give Crossfade a listen today to determine a personal favorite. Also, do not forget to follow Foxtales on all social media and streaming services to stay updated with what they shall create next.


Foxtales is a Psych-Pop band from Austin, Texas.


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