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Who is Sarah Charness?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @oneiphotography

      An electric violinist out of New York, Sarah Charness has been wowing crowds with her interpretive mix of classical, pop and electric dance styles to create a once in a lifetime experience for all who hear her preform. 

      The violin is a very specific instrument with a unique sound and requires a certain kind of someone to bring them to life. So what inspired Sarah to play such a one of a kind instrument? Her parents! Yep. Her parents were both classical musicians and she shared, "if my parents hadn't played instruments, I doubt the violin would have crossed my path as early as it did." Even with a high exposure to music at the age of four, she didn't exactly love playing right off the bat. This may have been because of her young age she didn't exactly have an intellectual appreciation for music. But not to worry! Her love of music grew as she did and soon would become a sustainable career. 

      After college, was when Charness started to really focus on creating pieces of her own and broke away from reading endless notes on sheet music. Instead she chose to improvise many parts of her songs in order to have a deeper personal connection with her music. This approach has helped ensure that her music is unique and captivating for all.  

      Through her career, Charness has been a part of influential music groups and worked alongside some top artists. In 2015 she released her first single "We Came to Party" with Disco Killerz. This single made it to #48 on the Beatport "Hot 100 Electro House" chart. Her follow up single, "Grip" was created with Disco Killerz and Jem Cooke, a British pop singer and received attention worldwide. But this was only the beginning of her career. As a solo artist, Charness toured with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! One of my personal favorites! She has preformed at half time shows for the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls. Durning the Mercedes Benz Fashion week she gave a runway performance for all in attendance! Recently she has even preformed at the Tony Awards Official After Party, which sounds like an absolute blast! Some artists she has worked alongside are The Chainsmokers, the Jonas Brother, Sigala, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson and many more. 

      While all of these are amazing accomplishments there is one that shines much brighter than all the rest. Last year, Charness had her first child and her world hasn't been the same since. Being a mother and a musician is a very delicate balance that is not very simple to achieve. Charness had to refocus since time became so limited. But through this shift in her life she was able to find the balance to ensure motherhood and music worked hand in hand. 

      Not everyone chooses to pursue music as a career, much less choosing the violin as the money making act. While it may not be easy, there is a sense of musical pride one can have for captivating others with a stringed instrument. Sarah Charness has proved that there is no limit to what someone can achieve in their life and that there are many individual paths in the road to a musical career. As a fellow violinist it is incredibly inspiring to see what can be created by an instrument that is seen as classical and watch as it sweeps through multiple musical genres and captivate everyone in the crowd. 

      Keep on creating works of art that will continue to inspire all of those who cross paths with a very talented violinist who knows how to shred on a pink violin. 

      Play on!


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