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Who Were The Morning After?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo by: Molly Star Nelson and Dennis Little

Pushing both social and musical boundaries this self-proclaimed feminist hard rock band from Seattle are serving up reality checks. Since forming in January 2016, they have flawlessly combined the intensity of rock with satire, creating tracks that raise awareness of issues occurring within society. This group has a lot to say and will ensure their message will not be silenced.

The premise for creating music is just as intriguing as the finished product.

"Imagine if a bunch of angry women (and one dude) just like.. got tired of System of a Down not releasing any new music and said '**** it I’m gonna do it myself.' Or you know, hard rock, I guess."

Name origin was a case of trial and error. Or running through a list of names until they found one that, in simple terms, didn't suck. The Morning After is a very fitting name and I personally and glad this was the name that made the final cut.

Throughout the years, this group has experienced a lineup change. The original lineup consisting of vocalist, Bri Ashlee Little, bassist, Stephanie Jones and previous members drummer Anna Mariko and guitarist Asti came out with a 14-track album in their time together. Anna and Asti have since parted ways to further their education, but did an immense amount when it came to laying down the foundation for this band. The current lineup took time to construct. Baylee Harper, drummer, was recruited at the end of 2017 and guitarist Emmet Lukas joined most recently in January of 2019. Once this lineup was finalized they hit the ground running and did not look back.

Before we get too far into describe the music produced by this group. Everyone will have their individual opinion of their music. For some it will be a bop and for others not. But there is one thing that must be addressed there is a fair amount of mature content. Which means this group is not suitable for all ages of listeners. Please be mindful of this fact. This has been an official disclaimer. Now lets take a dive deep into their music.

In 2017, they released Stay for Breakfast a 14-track debut album. Yes I typed that correctly. A 14-track debut album! Talk about going big or going home! This album definitely has some intense subject matter that may not be suitable for all ages. But looking outside of the lyrics, the composition is incredible. Every aspect of instrumentals are intentional and thoughtfully executed. Many times instrumentals in rock music can seem more like background noise instead of meshing and contributing to the overall product.

Another composition tool used throughout this album is utilizing just pure speaking tones. Not singing. Just simply speaking the lyrics. I appreciate this because it adds a level of audio that can help breakup all of the busyness that is occurring between subject matter and instrumentals. Using just pure voice makes it easier to listen and comprehend the song which makes not singing along an impossible feat.

Picking a favorite song from a 14-track album is no easy feat but I found one! "Citizen's United (The People Divided)" is one hundred precent political piece. But the use of each individual element results in this song being incredibly catchy while speaking out about a serious topic. Overall, the album is ambitious and sets the record straight of who The Morning After are and what they came to achieve.

In 2018, they released the EP Blunt which continues with speaking up about serious topics with a slight change in sound. Unlike Stay for Breakfast, Blunt is easier on the ears in relation to intensity of sound and vocals without the loss of composition quality. Once again every instrumental track was created and placed with an intended purpose. This placement assists in highlighting the vocals to enhance the listening experience. My favorite song from this EP would have to be, "Little White Monster." This song perfectly executes how instrumentals were created to enhance the vocals to create an intensity, making the song memorable and catchy.

In 2019, they released the EP Cynical which has been proclaimed the "twisted-sister" of Blunt. The songs are bit more lighthearted at times and go all out at others. This combination keeps the EP interesting by allowing different styles to be showcased. My favorite song from this EP, hands down, is "Owen Wilson." Yes. They wrote a whole song about the amazing American actor, Owen Wilson. That in itself is enough for it to be a personal favorite. But it is just a nice lighthearted song that breaks up some of the past content.

"Blunt & Cynical, have been a really awesome growing period for us. It’s excited to realize that as we get stronger as a group, the material is only going to get better!"

I say this all the time. I am aware. But these songs are bops. Every. Single. One. Vocals? Absolutely murdred it! Instrumentals? Perfectly executed. Every beat. Every strum. I think it is rare to find music that utilizes this level of flawless composition. Am I gassing up this band? Of course! But their sound is insanely cohesive it is impossible to not.

Over the past three years The Morning After have acquired a number of achievements to mark their time together as a band. The first achievement was releasing their 14-track debut album after only being together for under a year. In 2017, they played alongside Bret Michaels & Warrant at the Showare Center. Later that year they preformed at the first Upstream Festival. In 2018 they played during the Capitol Hill Block Party and toured the west coast. To celebrate the release of their latest EP they preformed a release show at the infamous Crocodile Stage in Seattle.

The journey to become a collective group was not an easy one. In the beginning they ran into serious lineup difficulties which resulted in not having a permanent guitarist for over a year. While they did have a temporary guitarist who was able to assist in the creative process the whole situation created a bleak and uninspiring practice space. But this only pushed them to persist to find a solution. Enter Emmett who rekindled the creative atmosphere.

"It feels like we’re a new band again with him and it’s even more exciting seeing all of the hard work we’ve put in begin to pay off."

Huh? We are at the end of the blog post already? Darn! Get prepared for some fun facts about our new friends.

Lets start off with Stephanie and Bri these two are vegan. We support those who love the environment and animals! Theoretically, Emmett could fall under the same category, but he is just allergic to animals. Which is quite interesting to think about. Last but certainly not least is Baylee who has acquired the nickname "Happy Feet" for her mad kick pedaling abilities. Make sure to catch a show to see her and the team in action.

The Morning After are using their platform to create anthems for social issues in an entertaining manner. Feminist or hard rock enthusiast their music can be appreciated by many. The future is unknown but I have a feeling that this group will continue to be loud and proud about what they believe.

Continue to inspire and never be silenced.


Advice from The Morning After

"KEEP GOING! Believe in yourself. Eat your vegetables and stay hydrated!"


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