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New Single: "Let Me Down" by Freeda

Motivational Muses Review | by Christian Browne

Released on: May 8, 2020

In terms of indie rock, there are new kings on the block. “Let Me Down” the new track by Manchester rock band Freeda, introduces a fresh sound in the indie rock genre. This song is one that will inspire people get in their car for a long drive to the beach with friends and just embrace the moment in its full glory.

One feature that listeners will immediately notice about this song comes from the guitar and bass. What starts off clean and simple quickly turns into pure aggressiveness with the build up felt from the bass throughout. This song captures the feeling of being a king on top of the world only to fall from glory. Through the lyrics Freeda speaks about fighting to overcome darkness within the world.

The guitar licks throughout feels like something that the late great legend Little Richard would be proud of. This dirty, grudge style playing creates a desire to go into mosh pits with friends and just vibe with the music. I also can’t help to point out that lead singer, Sean Rowles, has a similar sound to Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. The way that Rowles deliveries his vocals is that of a true rock star, full of intensity and emotion.

Once everything is eventually back to normal, I can see Freeda opening up this song as a highlighter act at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia or any iconic indie venue. “Let Me Down” is a true hit. Freeda has a bright future ahead of them in a genre that continues to push the musical narrative.

Listen to “Let Me Down" today on all music streaming platforms and make sure to follow Freeda on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Freeda are an indie rock band from Mossley, Manchester.


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