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New Single: "Hide and Seek" by Sunflower Thieves

Motivational Muses Review | by Eli Agawu

Released on: May 29, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Adam Illingworth

Airy, wistful and floating, Sunflower Thieves’ newest single, “Hide And Seek” is a stunning musical masterpiece. This nostalgic piece transports the listener to a time full of memories and a stage of reflection. 

This pop-folk band from Leeds have absolutely outdone themselves with the instrumentals.  Strings bolster the folk sounds of the guitar, creating a beautiful symphony. The vocals are unmatched, bringing beautiful, humble bouts of harmonizing sequences. A gently stirring A-major, gives off lovely “looking back” tones. 

I adored this song. Dreamy, swaying, and longing, it transports me back to times I thought I had forgotten. It was almost effortless to let the waves of the melody carry me away. The final breaths of the song gave me the resolution I needed to come back to the present, but I missed every second of the song when it ended. I found myself playing it multiple times just to capture the feelings it evoked in me; this song is a powerful one. “Hide And Seek” is one of the few songs out there that has mastered time travel. 

For those whose hearts are weathered, “Hide And Seek” is a perfect song. Anybody interested in revisiting memories of falling asleep in their lover’s car, can check out this single by Sunflower Thieves on all streaming platforms. Also, make sure to follow Sunflower Thieves on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Sunflower Thieves are a pop-folk band from Leeds, UK.



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