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New Single: "Deja Vu" by VYB

Motivational Muses Review | by: Christian Browne

Released on: November 6, 2020

“Deja Vu" the new single by Atlanta pop rock band VYB, resonates with the climate and musical era that we are living in. The track talks about how much people in society rely on using their smartphone throughout their daily lives. The track also touches upon what it's like dating during a pandemic and trying to stay connected with others while being socially distanced. Tom Belau does an amazing job with this multi-layer storytelling that gives their audience multiple ways to connect with what they are listening to!

What stands out about this single is the guitar and drum beats from Tom Belau, Noah Phillips and Ryan Jones. It’s clean and simple yet is so passionate. A feeling of hope is created in a song that is rooted in feeling hopeless and lost while trying to find a way to be with a loved one in an era of unknowns.

This creates a vibe that is directly seen within the music video for the track. The music video was brilliantly produced by Andromeda Films and Evans Global Productions. Thanks to the vision of director and editor Akshay Thomas, assistance from key grip operator Jonathan Jamies and stop animation from Emily Rand this video is a masterpiece! Shooting all three of the band members within basically the same location drives home the point of over reliance on smartphones and trying to stay connected. An experiences that millions of people have been going through for months. The use of coloring and lighting also is another standout element for me.

VYB released a major hit with the new single “Deja Vu”. Both the song and the music video shines through greatly, giving their audiences a song that will be stuck on repeat! Try and find different meanings within this beautifully written song with every listen.

Give "Deja Vu" a listen today on all music streaming platforms! Make sure to follow VYB on all social media to stay updated on upcoming projects!


VYB are a pop rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.


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