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New Album: "Let's Break Something" by screamcloud

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: October 1, 2021

It has been a long while since a grunge album has stumbled upon Motivational Muses, but we are incredibly grateful that Let's Break Something the debut album from screamcloud was put on our radar! For those who enjoy that sweet raw grunge rock sound from the 90s, then this album is a must-listen.

Sitting at a total of eight tracks and just under 30 minutes, this album represents the journey of working through tumultuous feelings. As the album grows, listeners are guided through a whirlwind of emotions in true grunge fashion.

screamcloud starts strong with the first track and single, "Let's Break Something." If the title of the track doesn't say it all, the screaming guitars will. Imagine facing years of pent-up rage and frustration, that's exactly what this track brings to life. Sometimes breaking the nearest item is an instant therapeutic release. When I think of grunge, "Let's Break Something" fits the bill perfectly. Emily Daly's vocals are gritty and mesh well with intensive guitar riffs throughout the track. Overall, "Let's Break Something" sets a high expectation for the remaining album.

"Take Without Touching" switches up in both tempo and style. We are introduced with a steady and upbeat bass track which gives this track a lighter start than that of "Let's Break Something." Daly switches up her vocal delivery, going with, what I am going to call a "breathier" approach, granted not the proper term. But, it works well with this track! She also places specific emphasis on breaths throughout the verses, before shifting into her full vocal power toward the chorus and bridges. I always love it when vocalists showcase their vocal variations. Daly does this consistently throughout this album, which keeps things very interesting! All in all "Take Without Touching" is another hit!

Turning to the dark side is "Dark Times." Instrumentally, this track reverts back to the heavier instrumentation that was presented in "Let's Break Something." Unlike Let's Break Something" this track holds a dense presence in the album. To me, it shows how screamcloud is able to build upon the foundation of 90s grunge to propel the genre into a new life.

The second half of the album is a full dynamic and stylistic change from the first three tracks. "Pull Me Under" introduces a moment of calm and mellowness for this album. It's logically brilliant to allow a middle track to divide the album in order to introduce a shifting dynamic. Next, "Bad Habits" has a clear rock 'n roll influence on the instrumentals, which is always fun to hear! Some might even get hints of blues or country. My point being, once again another stylistic adjustment that expresses screamcloud's range and ability to construct a unique sound while sticking to grunge roots.

Lastly, we have tracks "Easy Doesn't," "Center Star" and "Drop of Bleach." These three tracks bring an element of softness to the remainder of the album. I find it to be a nice finale to an album that highlighted the importance of musical expression and experimentation.

Let's Break Something brings back the glory of 90s grunge rock to today's audience. Whether a long-time grunge enthusiast or just discovering the genre this album is a must-listen. screamcloud has a deep passion for the music they create and I can't wait to see what they release next! Consider catching them at one of their shows, I have a feeling their stage presence isn't something one would want to miss!

Listen to Let's Break Something today on any music streaming service and consider buying a copy from your preferred online music store. Make sure to follow screamcloud to stay updated on all upcoming projects and shows!


screamcloud are a grunge rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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