Photographers Support Page

Created: March 15, 2020

Due to the coronavirus causing mass cancellations throughout the entertainment industry, Motivational Muses is curating a support page. Any photographer who has been impacted by these cancellations can be added at anytime. If you are interested in being added please fill out a contact form here. Please include your website, print store (if you have one), all social media links or any other way we can support you during this time.


Bridget Craig | Website | Print Store | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo taken from @bridgetncraig on Instagram.

Bridget Craig is a Philadelphia-based photographer & videographer and is available for hire world-wide.

Cameron Gile | Print Store | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo by @dieterunrath on Instagram.

Cameron Giles is a photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada and was working alongside the band Dolls Kill.

Christian Anderson | Print Store | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo by: Owen Lehman

Christian Anderson is a Chicago-based photographer. He does concert photography and portrait sessions.

Faith Alesia | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

Photo taken from the Faith Alesia Visual Facebook page.

Faith Alesia is a Dallas - based photographer and videographer. She is available for summer tours.

Jay Anthony Olson | Website & Prints | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo provided by Jay Olson.

Jay Anthony Olson is a Wisconsin-based photographer with experience in event, portrait and nature photography.

Jordan Vonderhaar | Website | Instagram |

Photo taken from Jordan Vonderhaar Photography website.

Jordan Vonderhaar is an Austin-based photographer. He has experience in event, landscape, commercial and portrait photography.

Mohamad Agha | Website | Print Store | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo taken from .

Mohamad Agha is a Toronto-based concert and portrait photographer.

Rosario Gutierrez | Print Store | Instagram | Twitter |

Photo taken from @dontshootskrlx on Twitter.

Rosario Gutierrez is a Chicago-based concert photographer and is currently available for tour.

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